Influencer in Deep Water After Dating Blacklist Leakage

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  • October 25, 2021

By Liu Yunru
October 19, 2021, 2:43 PM
Lianhe Wanbao

In the name of helping fellow women discover the “red flags” when dating guys, a female influencer created a chat group on an instant messaging app for girls to share their dating experiences. But a certain member made a blacklist which not only exposed the personal information of dozens of men but even accused some of them of cheating, coercion and sexual assault, causing an uproar on social media. Koh Boon Ki, a 23-year-old cyberstar who has over 110,000 followers on the online platform TikTok, created this group chat on Monday, October 18. The recent pharmacy graduate of the National University of Singapore did it for girls to discuss their dating experiences to avoid bad dates. Unexpectedly, the whole thing quickly went south. A blacklist suspected of exposing personal data was leaked from the group, where the personal information of dozens of men was disclosed along with some allegations ranging from cheating to even coercion and sexual assault. Such a leak made quite a few netizens uncomfortable and the claims in this list were also put under question. Some even wondered if the list might be a weapon that the female members used to attack or slander their former dates.

The influencer apologises on video

Koh made a video afterwards to express her apologies and explained that her intentions had been simple and good – to give girls a chance to share their dating experiences in the group. She said, “I screened every member to make sure that only girls joined the group chat, but it’s indeed my fault that I did not lay down certain regulations.” She added that she didn’t expect the whole thing to get out of control and the blacklist to end up getting circulated on the Internet. But as soon as she found out, she immediately asked the member who made the list to remove it. She stated that she had no way to verify the details on the list, but if any of the allegations were true, she hopes authorities could step in and investigate. The public holds varied views on this issue. Some pointed out that the biggest problem was that many comments on the list were subjective in nature and were possibly intended to defame others deliberately. Others suggested that people should focus on the allegations themselves, with comments such as, “Many just see a leak of personal information, but no one cares about the truth behind the allegations. And if they’re true, who knows if the victims will get the help they need.”

Group atmosphere turns awkward with discussions on sexual prowess

The list had two separate tabs labelled “Blacklist” and “Avoid”. Some discussions changed tune when girls started to talk about the sexual prowess or lack thereof of their dates. According to online screenshots, there are two tabs on the list, “Blacklist” and “Avoid”. The “Blacklist” page shows the reasons that the men were listed, including allegations of recording sex videos without consent or extorting money with nude photos. There were also allegations such as toying with a girl’s emotions to manipulate her into paying bills or even ghosting a fiancée two months after proposing. The chat group has since been closed down and the list deleted, but screenshots of the list are still circulating around the Internet.

The influencer and the contributor may be liable for defamation and harassment

The lawyers interviewed noted that the influencer and the contributor who uploaded the list may be liable for defamation and harassment. Lawyer Lam Kuet Keng said, “The person of interest is an influencer. Her making and posting the video of the chat group will no doubt have an effect. On top of that, the list did originate from this group, so in addition to her, the contributor who made and uploaded the list may also be accused of harassment. If those complaints are found to have been falsified, both would face defamation charges.” Lawyer Nicolas Tang said that as the creator of the group, it’s difficult for Koh to moderate all the content shared in the group 24/7. But as the group administrator, she has the right to add or remove members and delete the uploaded list. “If a victim makes a request but she remains uncooperative, she may need to incur even more liabilities.” However, Tang added that this incident is different from the previous SG Nasi Lemak case because Koh merely intended to provide a platform for girls to talk about their dating experiences, whereas members in the SG Nasi Lemak case deliberately distributed obscene photos and videos in the group chat.

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在⽹络平台Tik Tok坐拥逾11万粉丝的⼥⽹红许⽂琪(23岁,⼈名译⾳)是在本周⼀(10⽉18⽇)创建这个聊天群组。










议对象性能⼒ 群组讨论变调名单上分成“⿊名单”和“避免约会”的组别,群组⾥的⼀些讨论也已经变调,有的⼥成员甚⾄议论约会对象的性能⼒。









董智豪也提到此事件与此前的“SG Nasi Lemak”案不同,许⽂琪的初衷是希望⼤家分享约会经验,“⽽SG Nasi Lemak”案中,成员是刻意在群组中散播⾊情视频及不雅照。


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