Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Disputes & Litigation

Our cryptocurrency disputes practice offers specialized legal solutions in blockchain and cryptocurrency, and extends beyond traditional legal advice, encompassing a deep understanding of the technological and business implications of blockchain and digital assets.


Our Expertise in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Law

Our cryptocurrency disputes practice offers specialized legal solutions in blockchain and cryptocurrency, and extends beyond traditional legal advice, encompassing a deep understanding of the technological and business implications of blockchain and digital assets.

Using a unique and comprehensive approach, we’ve helped clients ranging from startups and investors to exchanges and digital asset mining operations both locally in Singapore and internationally.

Our expertise is not limited to traditional legal services. We integrate our practice with cutting-edge knowledge in Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Privacy, and Cybersecurity, offering a holistic solution that addresses all aspects of our clients’ business needs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Criteria for Cryptocurrency Case Acceptance

Due to the high volume of inquiries and the specialized nature of this legal area, our firm typically engages in cases where the disputed amount exceeds USD$200,000. This criterion ensures that we allocate our resources and expertise to cases with substantial impact and complexity.

For potential clients whose cases involve amounts less than $200,000, we can potentially assist to direct individuals towards pro bono services or other resources that may be more suited to their needs. We remain committed to ensure that everyone impacted by cryptocurrency disputes has access to appropriate legal advice and support, regardless of the case size.

This approach allows us to maintain a focus on high-stake cryptocurrency and blockchain litigation, leveraging our extensive legal experience and deep understanding of the digital asset landscape to represent our clients effectively in complex and significant cases.


Expert Advice throughout a dispute’s life cycle

We advise on all aspects and stages of arbitration, from drafting complex clauses and reviewing them to advising on the type and seat of arbitration, tribunal formation, arbitral procedure and enforcement of arbitral awards.

Founder, Partner, and Shareholder Disputes

Disagreements among founders, partners, or shareholders. These disputes often involve issues related to equity distribution, decision-making processes, and the strategic direction of the company.

Investor Grievances and Investment Disputes

Investors may face issues such as misrepresentation of investment potential or non-compliance with contractual agreements.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Business Deal Disagreements

Our team handles cases involving failed deals, breach of agreement terms, and due diligence issues.

Breach of Contract in Cryptocurrency Transactions

We advise on breaches that might involve issues with smart contracts, transaction failures, or non-fulfillment of terms.

Unfair Competition and Consumer Law Violations

Deceptive practices, false advertising, or other actions that violate consumer protection laws and fair competition standards.

Employment and Labor Law Issues in Blockchain Companies

Disputes arising from employment contracts, workplace discrimination, and other labor law issues within blockchain companies.

Intellectual Property Disputes in the Cryptocurrency Sphere

Disputes over ownership and infringement of intellectual property rights

Investigating Hacking and Theft of Digital Assets

Investigation of hacking and unauthorized access to digital accounts and wallets, focusing on the theft of digital tokens and other assets.

Tracing, Preservation, and Recovery of Digital Tokens

Effective measures for the preservation, tracing, and recovery of digital assets across various platforms

Legal Actions Against Unknown Persons

Seeking and obtaining court orders for disclosure against unknown persons, typically hackers or scammers. This includes obtaining freezing orders against associated accounts and wallets to prevent further unauthorized transactions.

Claims for Recovery of Stolen Assets/Tokens

Recovery of stolen assets, even in cases where the defendants are initially unknown. We pursue all legal avenues to reclaim our clients’ lost digital assets.

Recovering Assets from Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Recovering digital assets from centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, navigating the complex legal and regulatory frameworks governing these platforms.

Advising on Corporate Wind-Down and Liquidation

We provide legal counsel on the winding down and liquidation of corporate entities with investments in cryptocurrencies, ensuring compliance and optimal outcomes.

Liaison with Exchanges, Issuers, and Law Enforcement

Aimed at identifying and executing the quickest and most effective route to asset recovery.

Account Freezes and KYC (Know Your Customer) Issues

Challenges related to account freezes and KYC compliance. These disputes often arise when users’ accounts are frozen due to perceived non-compliance with KYC regulations, leading to conflicts between clients and financial institutions or exchanges.

Exchange Disputes

Conflicts between users and cryptocurrency exchanges. Issues may include unfair trading practices, loss of assets due to exchange failures, or disputes over terms of service.

Theft and Unauthorized Asset Transfer Cases

Matters that involve hacking, phishing, or other forms of cybercrime.

Challenges in Cryptocurrency Litigation

Cryptocurrency litigation presents unique challenges that set it apart from traditional legal disputes. These require a specialized approach, combining complex legal expertise with an understanding of the technological and regulatory landscape of digital currencies.

Due to the self-regulating nature of the cryptocurrencies and the use of smart contracts that are programmed to execute automatically, litigation often involves several distinct challenges This aspect can sometimes complicate the process of aligning disputes with the applicable jurisdictions.

Identifying and notifying all parties involved in a legal dispute is a fundamental step in litigation. The ability to hold cryptocurrencies anonymously or operate within a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) can obscure identities and complicate this process. The decentralized structure of these entities often raises questions regarding the appropriate jurisdiction for filing legal actions.

Lastly, the relatively recent emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology means that there is often a need to educate the courts about these advanced concepts.

Nicolas Tang

Bar Admissions

Singapore (2002)   |   England and Wales (2006)   |   New York (2009)   |   Hong Kong (2009)

Nicolas is a Panel Arbitrator at the Thailand Arbitration Centre (THAC) and a Reserve Panel Arbitrator at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC). In the mediation arena, he is an Accredited Mediator at the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI), the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and a Mediation Advocate at the International Mediation Institute (IMI) in Netherlands.

Having received his pupillage training from Davinder Singh SC in 2001, he commenced practice in 2002 in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution team of Drew & Napier and has since practiced at international law firms Allen & Overy (Singapore office), Sidley Austin (Hong Kong office) and Baker McKenzie (Singapore and Indonesia offices).

His main areas of practice are international arbitration, civil litigation, mediation, employment law, criminal law, defamation, mergers and acquisitions and corporate and compliance.

He has extensive experience as in-house counsel in supply chain management, employee disputes, subcontractor issues and compliance work arises from serving at US MC Flex where he was responsible for contractual, compliance and litigation matters at all Singapore, Indonesian and Malaysian sites.

Throughout his career, he has advised on multi-jurisdictional disputes and corporate transactions involving clients and adverse parties from Australia, Bahrain, Bali, Bangladesh, Beijing, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Guangzhou, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jakarta, Japan, Kuwait, Las Vegas, Lebanon, London, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Surabaya, Taiwan ROC, Thailand, Tokyo, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam.

Professional Qualifications
  • Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (2020)
  • Mediation Advocate, International Mediation Institute (2020)
  • Level 1 Accredited Mediator, Singapore International Mediation Institute (2020)
  • Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration, University of New South Wales (CiArb) (2019)
  • Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Modules 1 and 2), Singapore Mediation Centre (2018)
  • Diploma in Singapore Law, National University of Singapore (2001)
  • LL.B. (Hons, 2:1), University of Nottingham (2000)

Arbitration Experience
  • Singapore company in contractual dispute against UK company in relation to a Taiwanese project
  • Singapore individual in a SIAC arbitration against one of Singapore’s casino in defence of claims for breach of employment obligations
  • Singapore company and Singapore individuals in three concurrent SIAC arbitrations against a Singapore company in defence of claims for misrepresentation, breach of contract and breach of employment obligations, including resisting consolidation of the said three arbitrations
  • Foreign telecommunications company in a SIAC arbitration against a Singapore company for claims of breach of a joint venture agreement and minority oppression in relation to the construction of telecommunications infrastructure in a Southeast Asian country
  • Singapore individual in SIAC arbitration proceedings against a US fitness franchise chain
  • Hong Kong clothing company in SIAC arbitration proceedings against a US branded apparel company and a Bermuda supply chain manager
  • Italian company in relation to HKIAC proceedings in Hong Kong

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