Services We Offer

  • CPF Matters
  • Employment Act Matters
  • Poaching Of Employees
  • Breach Of Fiduciary Duties
  • Employment Claims Hearings
  • Employment Claims Hearings
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Termination Of Employment
  • Non Complete Clauses
  • Cross Border Employment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Trade Secrets

Our Employment Law Team

Meet our specialized team of Employment Lawyers, who have extensive experience in dealing with various aspects of Employment Law in Singapore.

Nicolas Tang
Managing Director

Nicolas is an Advocate & Solicitor of the Republic of Singapore and is qualified to practice law in Singapore, New York (USA), Hong Kong and England and Wales (UK).

Alvin Chan
Associate Director

Alvin is an Advocate & Solicitor of the Republic of Singapore and is qualified to practice law in Singapore.

Charlotte Wong

Charlotte’s experience in practice has involved providing counsel to business owners from small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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