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“My experience with Nicolas Tang has proved that he is a trusted and reliable advisor who can provide you with responsive, result oriented and professional service. He is always my choice for a client referral.”

Mr. W.S.,
14 November 2018

“Nicolas: We would like to thank you so much for everything. You have been an integral part of the final result.

I am so grateful that we have been choosing you to represent the case and to speak for Aviv Fruits.

I would like to emphasize the following points which have been managed to create a super service Aviv Fruits Ltd received from Farallon Law Corporation and I am sure that they make your firm so successful.

Exceptional availability.
Outstanding references speed. Amazing.
High standard professionality.
Great ability to analyse and understanding the case.
Issue clarifications and appropriate recommendations.
Appreciate your endeavors to make all of this happened.”

Gil Givoni, CEO, Aviv Fruits Ltd Israel
22 March 2018

“I am an attorney based in New York specializing in International Law and Commercial Law.

Recently, I had retained the services of Nicolas Tang of Farallon Law in a United States court action involving a party residing in Singapore.

Mr. Tang and his firm flawlessly handled the proceedings.

His team was extremely efficient in the action and knowledgeable in seeing the matter through to a successful outcome.

Our U.S. client is forever indebted to them, as I am, for their professionalism, kindness, and, of course, result.

I and my colleagues will only retain Mr. Tang’s firm should the need for local Singapore counsel arise again in the future.”

Allen M. Lowy, Attorney at Law
5 March 2018

“We definitely recommend Mr Nicolas Tang for his professionalism, approachability and immense dedication to his work and his clients.

Mr Nicolas has guided us well through complicated legal principles and deliberates carefully every move’s outcome possibilities and probabilities before any is taken. He sees the big picture and strategises the path forward and involves us in the thought process throughout.

Mr Nicolas also gives full consideration of our thoughts and feelings which were greatly appreciated during this onerous process.

Talk to him and you too will not regret!”

Richard Koh,
11 February 2018

“I highly recommend Nicolas Tang. Coming from the US but needing counsel in Singapore was daunting, but Nicolas’s English was perfect.

And when I say perfect, I mean better than my own. .

This was for an emerging technology and Nicolas and his team we’re able to understand what was a very complex issue. HIGHLY recommend!”

Jason Redwine, U.S. Citizen
1 February 2018

“We would like to thank you and your team for helping us on on this matter.

I think we are very happy with the outcome.”

Mr Tan,
7 November 2017

“Your attentiveness, response, advice, and different methods of handling is always that impressive to me.

It’s my absolute pleasure to know you.

I have spoken to a few, and shall formally introduce them to Farallon when they require legal services.

Once again, appreciated & thanks!”

Mr S,
28 October 2017

“I am extremely grateful to my Senior Legal Counsel, Nicolas Tang of Farallon Law Corporation, for his tireless dedication and professionalism.

From the start, he advised me on all the possibilities and pitfalls, and with great clarity and detail.

He looked out for me every step of the way and I felt secure in the knowledge that he had an amazingly effortless grasp of all the complexities of the case.

He also helped me keep calm and clear-headed whenever I was flustered, angry or upset.

Most importantly, he helped me see that I should seek justice with compassion, and not revenge.

The past 100 days, you have seen me evolving mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Nicolas, you have opened my mind to alternative ways of solving my problems.

Thank you for teaching me to live in joy, not just for myself, but for others, too. Your dedication and values in your profession Inspires me.

Thank you for giving your best.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/karen.ho.1485/posts/10155515117563767

Karen Ho,
21 July 2017