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Top Litigation Lawyers In Singapore

Written by Team Farallon | November 3, 2018

Top Litigation Lawyers in Singapore

Where can you find the top litigation lawyers in Singapore?

While it is true that Senior Counsel are experienced litigation lawyers, and that they are one of the best litigation lawyers, one must note that they are fairly expensive, with rates of S$1,000 upwards per hour.

Senior Counsels also need to lead large teams so the aggregate hourly rate would be in the few thousands.

In the City Harvest Trial, it was reported that legal fees ran up to S$15 million.

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The question you should be asking is not who is the top litigation lawyer in Singapore, but who is the most cost effective litigation lawyer in Singapore who can assist you in getting the results you want.

To assist you in the process, these are the questions which you should ask when engaging or changing your lawyers:

The best litigation lawyers in Singapore are:

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