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I am extremely grateful to my Senior Legal Counsel, Nicolas Tang of Farallon Law Corporation, for his tireless dedication and professionalism.

From the start, he advised me on all the possibilities and pitfalls, and with great clarity and detail.

He looked out for me every step of the way and I felt secure in the knowledge that he had an amazingly effortless grasp of all the complexities of the case.

He also helped me keep calm and clear-headed whenever I was flustered, angry or upset.

Most importantly, he helped me see that I should seek justice with compassion, and not revenge.

The past 100 days, you have seen me evolving mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Nicolas, you have opened my mind to alternative ways of solving my problems.

Thank you for teaching me to live in joy, not just for myself, but for others, too. Your dedication and values in your profession Inspires me.

Thank you for giving your best.


~ Karen Ho, 21 July 2017 ~


Source: https://www.facebook.com/karen.ho.1485/posts/10155515117563767

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“Beyond expectation.

Efficient, detail oriented, considerate, knowledgeable …

We were very fortunate and happy to run into Nicolas’ firm in dealing with the Singapore legal system, not easy for an expat.

He clearly knows how to make and present a case.”


~ John Chang, Taiwanese Citizen, 17 June 2017 ~



“Nicolas represented me through a criminal prosecution. At the beginning, the situation was bleak.

Nicolas expertly analyzed my case, and made me aware of options I was not aware of.

He helped me to understand the possible outcomes and make an informed decision about pleading or going to trial. He was also tactical and strategic, recommending alternatives when roadblocks were put in place.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for detailed and intelligent representation.

Throughout my case, I felt that he was going far beyond the basics, thinking of arguments and legal tools to represent me.

The outcome was favorable, and I could not recommend him more.”

~ Connor, U.S. Citizen, 10 January 2017 ~



“Nicolas did a great job with my case.

Although I came to him very late in the process, he did good research and worked hard in defending me.

His advice was sound and professional.

At the end, we won the case.”


~ Jason Chong, Singapore businessman, 18 July 2016 ~