(The Straits Times Article Interview) Resolving disputes between customers and suppliers on non-delivery of products/services

Written by Team Farallon

  • Farallon Law Corporation
  • October 26, 2023

Nicolas was interviewed by The Straits Times today in an article about resolving disputes between customers and suppliers on non-delivery of products/services:

Written by: Vihanya Rakshika, Correspondent

Farallon Law Corporation managing director Nicolas Tang said those who find themselves in similar circumstances should keep documents like invoices, quotations, e-mails and screenshots of all correspondence. If the issue goes to court, the documents will help determine whether there are valid reasons for not delivering the products that have been paid for.

Mr Tang, who specialises in arbitration and mediation, suggested that consumers have a back-up plan, hiring two suppliers for important events. They should do some research to find out if the person they are hiring has any experience, good credentials and track record. They should also run litigation and bankruptcy searches to make sure the businesses are sound.

He also warned against making full payment for services upfront. It is better, he said, to make a small deposit, and pay the balance when the work is completed.

For Ms Shi Hui and Ms Shu Yi, nothing can bring back the lost photos and memories, but it might be possible to get their money back from Mr Yap by taking him to court, Mr Tang said.

For those who wish to pursue a court case against service providers for similar reasons, Mr Tang advised them to prepare a list of what had happened in chronological order to provide the court with clarity and understanding of the situation.”

Read the full article here.

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