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Technology Law

Technology law is the intersection of the law, which has evolved over centuries, and technology, which today changes exponentially from day to day.

It is this conflict between the law and technology that throws up complex legal issues that our lawyers at Farallon Law Corporation love bringing clarity to and solutions for.


Whether you are in the field of 3D printing, biotechnology, cloud computing, data analytics, digital media, e-commerce and other online services, electronics, enterprise solutions, healthcare technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), financial technology (fintech), social platforms, telecommunications, wearables, or mobile applications and software development, or a user of such technology, you will need to know:

  • your rights and obligations, whether as for a developer, entrepreneur, inventor, angel or venture capital investor or user, of technology
  • how to structure your technology-related transactions to anticipate potential sources of dispute, align incentives, maximise your economic benefits, and reduce legal and regulatory risk.

We tap on our curiosity, experience and deep understanding of technology, as well as business and legal concepts such as business models, corporate law, data protection, financial and security regulation, intellectual property, litigation, private equity and venture capital to support our clients, who are individuals, research institutes, start-ups, and SME and MNC companies from different industries.

In particular, we advise and assist our clients with and on matters that include:

  • acquisitions of technology assets or technology companies
  • collaborations with technology providers and technology users, through joint ventures and other types of strategic alliances
  • delivery of cloud-based services and solutions, B2B and B2C
  • development, distribution, manufacture, and regulatory compliance of and for hardware technology and materials science products and services (for e.g. medical devices and other types of wearables)
  • disputes in relation to technology and related services
  • legal claims based on online harassment, defamation and intellectual property rights infringement
  • information technology (IT) adoption, development, outsourcing, procurement and deployment
  • intellectual property issues in technology transactions, whether as joint venture party, owner, licensor, licensee, purchaser, or service provider
  • investments in technology companies, whether through debt financing, equity financing, or through hybrid securities
  • technology commercialisation and distribution
  • their online and digital activities, including the setting up of online platforms for crowdfunding, electronic payments, financial advisory, learning, etc. and the relevant regulatory compliance (with AML, CFT, moneylending, securities and regulations laws, etc.)
  • the legality of data collection, governance, licensing, and processing, including web scraping
  • their technology transfer activities, such as collaborations, consulting, licensing, materials transfers and spinouts.